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Indoor air contamination
Deodorant mechanism
Performance of TripleFresh
Safety of TripleFresh
Resistance to washing

Performance of FormFresh
We made a theoretical calculation how 10 sq.m. of TripleFresh treated carpet could deodorize formaldehyde.
Sources of formaldehyde are ranging from skeltons of construction materials, plywood as sealers or finishings, vinyl cloth to adhesives and it is difficult to specify one as a resource of formaldehyde. So we designate lauan plywood as a resource of formaldehyde.
Quantity of formaldehyde contained in general lauan plywood is 0.002 mg./g., and its weight is abt.4.5 kg./sq.m. So quantity of formaldehyde contained in 1 sq.m. of lauan plywood is;
0.002 mg./g. x 4.5 kg./sq.m. = abt. 9 mg.
When 10 sq.m. of TripleFresh treated carpet is used, it has a deodorant capacity of 2000mg by chemical reaction mechanism, so it has a deodorant effect on 222 sq.m. of lauan plywood.
(2000mg÷9mg=222 sq.m.)
The size of the walls of the room is 2.5m high x 3.5m wide and the total surface area of a room is (2.5m x 3.5m x 4 walls=)35 sq.m. So this carpet has enough deodorant capacity in this room.
We have confirmed deodorant effect by putting TripleFresh treated carpet in a room where formaldehyde is generating as the wallcovering has been changed and furniture are renewed.
<Detection place>
A room where irritation of eyes is so strong that one cannot stay without closing his eyes.
The refurbishing was done one month ago.
<The contents of refurbishing>
* Re-covering walls
* Replacement of furniture(Wooden desk, Wooden bookshelf, Wooden locker)

12 tatami-mat(abt. 18 sq.m.) room
<TripleFresh treated carpet>
4 tatami-mat(abt.6 sq.m.) size
<Detection method>
① 1st to 3rd day…to detect with Detector made by Gastex
② 30th day…to detect with Formaldehyde analyzer ”SILSET” made by Shimazu
1st day: Irritation of eyes is strong, have tears and cough, hard to breath
2nd day: Feels irritating smell in the nose or throat
3rd day: No perception
30th day: No perception

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